Bringing Down the Amazon Giant Through Office 365

Amazon is a giant in the cloud space. In 2012, Amazon’s revenue for their cloud offering was estimated between $1.8 billion and $2 billion. Just one year later, their web service offering (AWS) has grown to projected revenue of $3.4 billion. Microsoft, Amazon’s lead competitor in the cloud space, made just $1 billion in revenue with their Azure cloud offering. However, that fiscal gap is about to change drastically because of two words: Office 365.

Microsoft claims that Office 365 is the “fastest growing business” in their history. Microsoft reports that they have seen a 150% increase in small to medium business adoption in just the last year. Furthermore, Microsoft asserts that they are gaining over 1,000 new Azure clients per day. Forbes backs up this claim reporting that Office 365 now has well over 5.6 million subscribers and that the company can easily expect to double that number within the next year.

These small to medium businesses have found several exciting benefits to Microsoft’s Office 365 offering:

  • Lower lifetime cost (no significant hardware/software purchases)
  • Lower support costs
  • Better access
  • Additional Microsoft Integration (Project, Sharepoint, Lync)
  • Easier prediction of employee’s cost to a company

These benefits do come with a cost, and that is finding the right provider to help with the migration. Office 365 migrations are often complex and must be completed with little to no downtime. These high demands require working with a trusted vendor that is committed to a company’s future success. To learn more about what an Office 365 migration may look like for your company, please contact us.

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