Apple Tackles the Phablet Market With New iPhone 6+

On September 9, millions of Apple evangelists throughout the world were breathlessly watching their computers. In an annual tradition, Apple announced its new products in time for the holiday season, and this year promised to be a big one. Additionally to a new iteration of the iPhone, rumors had been circling about a new, larger phone that could stand up against competitors like the Samsung Galaxy Note and the HTC Desire.

Apple’s big presentation came and went, and to the delight of its customers, the larger phone – called iPhone 6 + – was indeed confirmed. As the details have begun to emerge, its features are nothing short of exciting. Here are some highlights of the new phablet:

Larger Display

Undoubtedly the highlight of the iPhone 6+, and the feature that sets it apart from any previous Apple phones, is the larger display. At 5.5 inches, it “feels” like a tablet, while at the same time retaining its phone capabilities. The display is 1.5 inches larger than iPhone 5, which is a significant difference – a recent Adobe report noted that mobile browsing declined significantly on smaller devices. A larger display will make browsing even on websites without responsive design much easier.

New Processor

But there’s more to the iPhone 6+ than simply a larger display. In fact, its inner beauty is just as important. A 64 bit A8 processor ensures a smooth operation and fast loading times; a Cnet report noted 50 percent faster graphics and 25 percent faster CPU. Meanwhile, a new 4G LTE protocol allows for downloads of up to 150 Mbps, the new Wi-Fi 802.11 ac standard translates to a 300% increase in speed compared to the iPhone 5s. Details about the increased battery life have yet to emerge, but Apple has promised an increase there as well. 

High-Def Camera

Apple spent a large part of its 6 minute promotional video talking up the new iPhone’s camera, and rightfully so. While the resolution remains at 8 megapixels compared to previous models, it’s the new features that really stand out. Focus pixels allow a more smooth autofocus, while optical image stabilization brings an end to blurry pictures. The camera can record full-HD video, with features like super slo-mo and time-lapse allowing even amateurs to create movie-like effects.

Fingerprint Sensor

Build into the home button is now a fingerprint sensor, securing your phone and allowing for new features like Apple Pay. Apple Pay allows your phone to function as a payment device – after recognizing your fingerprint, you can pay at brick-and-mortar stores and online with previously saved credit and debit cards. The fingerprint integration makes it a safe, convenient payment method.

Of course, these are just a few of the many new and exciting features of the iPhone 6+. Contact us for all the information you need on this next generation of Apple phones!

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