Complete IT Management Nirvana

If you can’t see it, you can’t manage it. Of course we are talking about the type of management that IT is keenly interested in. When we started our business, we were secretly hoping that someday, there would actually be an awesome, single, complete, one GUI, one management screen/system that would surpass all others and become the system for complete IT management that any organization would need to manage anything in the network. Perhaps a little naïve, but who wouldn’t want this. That’s right, the nirvana of networking, the one screen of IT management, the manager of managers – that does everything. We’re still waiting because we think the number of diverse systems is getting more complex and varied. We think the reason we have so many different systems is due to the wide variety of customer requirements.

One of our customers recalled that back in the 1990’s they had a management system, indeed still one of the best in their opinion, and the developer of the system said “why would we want to manage Cisco equipment?”. It was a religious discussion, but he knew the answer and they disagreed. Why wouldn’t you want to? Networks are made up of so many different pieces of equipment, and now you add in virtualization, SDN and NFV – organizations are ever more hungry for management systems that simplify and reduce IT environments. This discussion wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Big Data. Some of the latest end-all, be-all solutions tout their ability to source and parse Big Data.

We could mention a couple of our favorite solutions that fit the bill to be the single one piece of IT management software – the nirvana one screen, but we will let you do the research and hopefully contact us to help. As IT organizations continue down the path of consolidation with virtualization – we will get closer to the one management system to help manage simplicity and where we won’t need a manager of managers to manage complexity by managing other varied management systems.

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