6 Tips to Get the Most out of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is ready and waiting for you to take advantage of it; here are six tips to help you do so.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

There are a few crucial differences between SaaS and hosting your own private cloud. The most important of which deals with money. SaaS essentially evens the playing field for small businesses. Most can’t afford to host their own private cloud and with SaaS, they can still have access to the cloud. The only real difference is that they’re paying much less. Plus, with SaaS, you get IT support from the cloud service provider.

Backup data

Data backup is still the main function that cloud computing is associated with. You can schedule daily or weekly backups so that your data is always up-to-date. This is much different than backing up data with tape backup or hardware, which is usually a whole process.

Restore data

In the case of data loss, you can restore data within minutes with cloud computing. It’s easy. All you need is access to the Internet and a device to restore the data. 

Unify the entire company

With cloud computing, it’s easy to share files and documents within the company. Collaboration is improved since employees can work on the same presentations and word documents.

Mobile devices

Another feature of cloud computing is mobility. As long as their device is approved, employees can access their files on their cloud. This is especially useful for sales representatives that are constantly on-the-go.

Scalable plans

You only have to pay for what you need. That’s it. Talk to your cloud computing service provider to either scale your plan up or down based on your needs. During the holiday season, for example, many businesses scale their plan up to incorporate new employees and a spike in activity. 

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