The Four Best Things about Voice Over IP

What is the best thing about Voice Over IP? We get this question all the time. It really depends on your company and the situation you’re in, so there’s no way to narrow it down to just one answer. That’s why we’ll give you four of the best things about VoIP.


For the average small business, the best thing about VoIP is probably the cost-savings. You can’t just do away with an office phone completely, but you still don’t want to pay so much for a landline phone. VoIP makes this decision easier.

With VoIP, you get a very similar service that even comes with additional features. At the same time, it’s a cost-effective alternative that has a predictable price. It’s perfect for businesses that want a reliable way to talk with clients but want to cut down on monthly expenses.  

Wide selection of IP phones 

On the other hand, some companies are more interested in the features of VoIP rather than the cost-savings. If you’re looking for more functionality, then you’ll want to buy the best IP phones.

There’s a huge selection of IP phones out there. You can either stay simple and choose a basic phone or pick one that’s loaded with features. Depending on the phone you select, you’ll have access to some of the following features:

  • Call forwarding to mobile phones
  • Voicemail-to-email 
  • Virtual receptionist

Disaster recovery and business continuity 

In case anything ever happens at your office, you can always take your IP phone with you and use it at another location. All you have to do is plug it in where you have Internet access. That’s it. 

Businesses love this when they’re planning for disaster recovery. It makes business continuity very simple. 


And finally, one of the reasons to love VoIP is that it’s flexible in many ways. You’re not locked in to a two year contract where costs rise every year. If you don’t like the service, you can end it immediately. 

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