How Hassle Free IT Applies to Everyday Scenarios

We think all businesses should know the advantages of having hassle free IT. If you’d like to know how hassle free IT applies to everyday business  operations, then consider the scenarios below:

Scenario 1: Your computers have been acting slow lately but you don’t know why. It’s finally at the point where the slow performance is disrupting employee productivity. 

Scenario 2: You’ve just heard about a huge winter storm approaching your town. You can expect lots of snowfall and maybe a power outage.

Scenario 3: You want to buy a new phone but you’re not sure where to start. There are too many models and plans for you to narrow down the best choice.

Scenario 4: You’re not exactly sure what you did, but you clearly pressed the wrong button on your computer. Now you can’t continue your work until things are back to the way they were. 

There are a couple of things these scenarios have in common. One is that they’re all fairly normal disturbances that can happen to any business. None of these scenarios are unheard of, but they can set a business back a day or two. 

The other thing they have in common is that they all have the same solution, provided that a business has hassle free IT. All you need to do is call your managed IT service provider and tell them what’s wrong. They can walk you through troubleshooting over the phone if it’s a simple problem. If it’s a bit more serious, they’ll send on-site support to fix whatever’s wrong.

The scenarios above each needed a specific solution, such as an anti-virus firewall, disaster recovery planning, IT consulting, and technical support. All of these services are included with managed IT services. As a business owner, all you need to do is get in touch with your service provider and they’ll take care of the rest. 

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