Voice Over IP and QoS

Voice Over IP is the perfect cost-effective alternative to landline phones, provided that a few conditions exist. These conditions largely depend on the VoIP and Internet service providers you choose. 

Quality of Service (QoS) is a crucial aspect of VoIP. It determines whether your call quality will be better or worse than what you’ve experienced with your landline phone.

But first, let’s define what exactly QoS is. This Tech Target article provides a good and simple definition: 

“On the Internet and in other networks, QoS (Quality of Service) is the idea that transmission rates, error rates, and other characteristics can be measured, improved, and, to some extent, guaranteed in advance.”

As you can imagine, some service providers focus more on QoS than others. If your service provider doesn’t mention QoS at all, then that’s not a good sign. If they dodge the question when you ask about it, then it’s time to look for another service provider.

In terms of VoIP, nothing is a better indicator than QoS. If you want to rely on VoIP as a communications solution, then you have to be sure that the QoS is up-to-par.

A recent Tech Advisory article talks about the importance of QoS. According to the article, you should settle for nothing less than a service provider that guarantees a good QoS. 

“Good providers will be able to guarantee a QoS that is comparable, or even better, than traditional networks. This is especially important for businesses who are looking to switch to a full VoIP solution. What a provider should do is run a few tests on your network and then give you a quality assurance. If it is too low, then look for another provider.”

We make sure our clients know exactly what they’re getting when they sign up for VoIP. We understand the importance of QoS and the affect it will have on your business. 

To talk more about VoIP, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks. 

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