Effective Conferencing with Voice Over IP

Businesses with multiple departments love to use Voice Over IP for its conferencing feature. A VoIP system allows companies to host conferences whether they’re interactive or styled like a lecture. Moreover, companies can use this feature for internal communication – holding meetings with employees – and for external communication – speaking with business partners and clients. 

What makes conferencing so special with VoIP is that it gives the master party control over the conversation. Managers can invite specific employees, mute parties, and ask for participation with the click of a button. 

A recent Tech Republic article talks about the benefits of conferencing with VoIP. The article shows how a VoIP system gives managers control over a meeting:

“Most people know about conferencing with VoIP services, but not everyone takes advantage of all the features that might come with it. Often, you can set up a conference floor monitor. This allows you to manage invitations, “hand-raises,” muting individuals, etc. Online conferences can get messy and confusing if not managed correctly, so this is a great tool to learn how to use.”

One problem with conferencing with VoIP is that people tend to act different online or on the phone from when they do in-person. For that reason, online conferences can be difficult to manage. 

A VoIP system takes care of this problem by giving managers control over their meetings. You don’t have to worry about people talking out of turn or inappropriately, since you can simply mute them whenever you’d like. 

Many businesses host conferences online and over the phone to reduce travel expenses. But if it’s just a regular phone call, then managers won’t have control over the meeting as they normally would. With the features of VoIP phones, however, managers can take control over conferences and hold efficient meetings. 

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