Two Office 365 Programs That Improve Collaboration and Business Productivity

Office 365 revealed the direction Microsoft is headed in. It wasn’t a simple update that just changed the layouts in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel; it introduced new programs that businesses can take advantage of. 

There’s a lot to talk about concerning Office 365, but for now we’d just like to focus on two essential programs:

Sharepoint Online

Sharepoint Online is Microsoft’s attempt at making the cloud a user-friendly experience. And we have to admit that the program is not just functional, but extremely effective.

Sharepoint Online redefines the term collaboration. By using the program, employees will be able to work together on projects even when they’re in different cities or states.  

A recent CMS Wire article demonstrates how Office 365 can even improve your project management:

“We’ve all worked on projects where we’ve wanted to add or share ancillary files, videos, images, with the team but didn’t because it wasn’t a “must do,” it took time or whatever. Boards take that hassle away. You simply share the URL of a board with your team, or send link directly from the board, which remains fresh as your team works on and updates documents over time.”

Microsoft Lync

But Sharepoint Online wasn’t the only new program that improved collaboration. Microsoft Lync is a new program that businesses can use and integrate with their VoIP phones. As a result, employees will find it easier than ever to switch to the new phone system. 

You can use Microsoft Lync for both internal and external communication. A recent Tech Target article explains how businesses can do the latter:

“There are various ways to configure Microsoft Lync Server, now Skype for Business, to allow internal Lync users to communicate with someone outside of the company.  In the Lync Server architecture, it is the Edge Server role that enables all remote connectivity scenarios.”

In terms of business productivity and collaboration, Office 365 was a grand slam. Any company can use it to improve their communication and business operations. 

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