Executives are Increasingly Looking to Cloud Computing for More Company Efficiency

Cloud computing has been around close to a decade now, yet it’s surprising so many companies have yet to use this tech solution. The reason they haven’t is still due to media misinformation (related to security), in addition to lack of knowledge about how the cloud has evolved. Fortunately, things are changing with executives now considering the cloud more than ever.

ZDnet recently reported that executives are finally considering the cloud because the economy is improving along with awareness of what the cloud offers. Information like our own blogs consistently try to impart this knowledge while reminding how the cloud is really the best data storage solution available.

But what are executives really looking for in the cloud according to the above report?

Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

The main goal of every executive is to create more productivity in the office, and the cloud provides it in spades. That’s because everything that makes your business run is capable of being in the cloud to save buying expensive hardware or keeping up with regular updates. Plus, the cloud is an outstanding method of disaster recovery during a natural or man-made event. Because all your data gets stored in the cloud server, it’s easily accessible wherever you have an Internet connection.

However, executives are also looking at the cloud as a method toward employee satisfaction. Having software and other applications accessible through the cloud puts less pressure on your staff to update or maintain everything. Plus, the cloud allows for mobility thanks to accessing of data (and phone services) anywhere Internet is available.

It’s no wonder executives have finally gone for the cloud this year, with growth expected in the months and years to come.

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