How Office 365 and Exchange Online Reduced the Division Between Windows Computers on Macs

The division of Mac and Window computers has always caused complexities among businesses. With Office 365, the barrier between the two operating systems isn’t as divisive, and businesses are finding it easier to communicate with employees. 

First of all, there are several reasons businesses may use both Mac and Windows computers. If you have a bring your own device (BYOD) policy, then some employees will bring in MacBooks. Plus, there are some programs that users need to have a Mac for.

This used to cause problems in businesses, but Office 365 makes things simpler. According to Tech Republic, it’s now easier than even for users to access hosted Exchange with Macs:

“In my experience, clients have been well served using OS 10.6 and iOS 6 and newer with hosted Exchange. Connecting new tablets, smartphones, and Macs to hosted Exchange services typically proves to be a simple task that requires less than five minutes, assuming the user knows the correct server name, username, and password for the account. And when Apple shops add Windows machines, it’s very easy to connect Outlook to the hosted Exchange platform.”

In addition, Office 365 makes the transition to mobile easier. With Exchange Online, employees can access their company email accounts and files from any device they’d like. This is especially important for remote employees that are rarely in the office. 

Moreover, Microsoft has made the transition to Exchange Online simple and painless. It’s easy to integrate your accounts and the user-interface is straight-forward. As long as employees have been using Outlook for a while, they’ll adjust to Exchange Online in no time. 

Microsoft emphasized collaboration and mobility with Office 365 and Exchange Online. As a result, employees can work more productively since they’re not tied down to the office. We expect several businesses to start using hosted services this year. 

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