Cloud Computing Has Revolutionized Business Operations

The effect of cloud computing on business operations has been so big that experts are referring to it as a revolution. We’re now seeing more businesses than ever switch to cloud computing to optimize their operations. 

A recent LinkedIn article talks about the impact of cloud computing and its level of priority in businesses:

“As modern SaaS application suites for HCM and marketing have generated huge new levels of business value via their enhanced capabilities and social/mobile optimization, CEOs are reclassifying marketing and HCM as mission-critical because of their specific and quantifiable links to revenue, customer engagement, and strategic execution.”

Translation: Because software as a service helps businesses quantify human capital management and marketing, CEOs now prioritize the two practices more.

This is a perfect representation of the nature of cloud computing. Cloud computing on its own won’t improve your business operations. You have to already have other components in place like marketing, human capital management, data and analytics, and customer loyalty. 

Cloud computing then helps you be more effective in each of these practices. It can help improve collaboration in marketing teams by organizing various components into one project. If several members of the marketing team are mobile or remote employees, for example, they can still work on the same project with cloud computing. 

And once businesses realize that their marketing efforts are more effective with cloud computing, they start to pay more attention to it. It’s easier to set new goals and look for improvement when you can quantify your efforts and success. Cloud computing helps you do just that. 

With the number of businesses migrating to the cloud, it’s clear that cloud computing has revolutionized business operations. If you’re looking to increase productivity in your company, then you should consider cloud computing.  

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