How Scalability Links Voice Over IP and Cloud Computing

Voice Over IP and cloud computing are linked together by scalability. In addition to scalability being a defining characteristic of both services, it’s also enhanced when the two are used in accordance with each other. 

When applied to VoIP, scalability means the ability to add and drop new lines easily. If your business has a busy period in December, then you can scale up with the increase in activity and scale back down alongside it. 

In terms of cloud computing, scalability means changing the number of users who have access to your files as well as increasing and decreasing your storage needs. The idea is that you don’t have to pay for extra storage capacity that you don’t need, but you can always upgrade if that changes. 

Now when you put the two together, you get even more options. A recent Cloud Wedge article explains why VoIP is most flexible when it’s hosted on the cloud: 

“Cloud and VoIP work well together because of the rapid scalability needed in deploying a VoIP solution. Imagine if you were renting hardware by the server at your local data center and you needed to rapidly add in an additional 100 users onto your existing call platform. You might have to order server hardware, you may have to acquire licenses, you might be required to configure the servers if you don’t already have an image ready.”

You don’t have to worry about all this with a hosted VoIP solution. Scaling up or down is easy, and all you have to do is contact your service provider. Moreover, there are also options available to rent equipment if you’re not looking to make a new investment. 

VoIP on the cloud provides businesses with even more options in terms of scalability. You’re free to modify your plan based on your changing needs. 

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