Dr. Web AV-Desk SAAS

drweb1Anti-Virus and security made easy with Dr. Web AV-Desk Managed Protection!

Software as a service, Dr.Web anti-virus service software  provided by Hawk IT guarantees the reliable operation of your IT infrastructure and an unbiased assessment of your network’s security status.

  • Smart savings — save more than double on the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an anti-virus!
  • Professional administration — leave your anti-virus service in the hands of professionals who have the skills and knowledge to efficiently administer corporate anti-virus security and make the anti-virus a truly effective means of protection.
  • Flexible licensing — lower your expenses for information security when business permits, and raise them just as much as your business demands.
  • High performance — eliminate distractions like spam and other unsolicited e-mail, and keep your employees focused on the bottom line.
  • Web-surfing control — control employee Internet activities to optimise your Internet traffic expenses. Block access to online commerce and gaming web sites.
  • Minimize technical risks — establish a stable and secure network environment and minimise employee downtime.
  • Optimised routines — increase the efficiency of your IT personnel by reducing their workload.
  • Save on server hardware — take advantage of the external support of the service, and exclude expensive server software and hardware from your list of expenses.

Subscription to the service is made using tariff packages. The structure of each of the tariff package includes components for protecting workstations, Windows file servers and mobile devices. Choose tariff packages based on the real business need, requirements for information security and the current financial situation of the enterprise.


Subscription packages

Choose the package that best fits your information security requirements. For each subscription package you can choose to protect workstations, file servers, or both.



Workstation protection basic price* $A1.50 per month
(ex GST)
$A2.50 per month
(ex GST)
$A6.50 per month
(ex GST
Term Available
All Subscriptions are for 12 months, after your free 30-day trial!
Loyalty discount Receive 2 months free AV when your sign up for recurring annual billing!
Workstations protected
Supported versions of Windows (32&64 bit systems) 7/Vista/XP/2000 (SP4 + Rollup 1)
Parental control
Protection of file servers
Supported versions of Windows (32-bit only) Server 2003/2008/2012 R2/2016
Basic technical support
Virus database updating
Dr.Web software module updating
Number of support requests Unlimited
Other services
Free upgrades and downgrades Only downgrades are free
Subscription suspension
Why Dr.Web Anti-virus - the preferred choice?

Doctor Web – a Russian developer of Dr.Web anti-virus software, which provides information systems protected against all threats, including those not yet known. Increase your income; Strengthen customer loyalty; To expand its customer base; Reduce the technical costs.

Software protection components

Antivirus – detects malware and treats infected files.

Spam – Automatically detects and filters unwanted e-mail messages (spam) in any language.

Antispam for Android provides filtering of SMS messages and phone calls, allowing to block unwanted messages and calls, for example, promotional mailings, as well as calls and messages from unknown numbers.

Web Anti-Virus – scans web pages in real time, blocking phishing and other dangerous Internet resources.

Office Control – restricts user access to certain websites and local resources (including removable media).

Firewall – protects your computer from unauthorized access and prevents leak of vital data through networks. Firewall Dr.Web for Android controls the connection to the Internet and protects your mobile device against unauthorized access and prevents leak of data. This component provides a flexible configuration with custom filtering rules (by IP-address and / or port – or the whole network and the range of IP-addresses).

Security Auditor – allows you to diagnose and analyze the security of mobile devices and eliminate the identified problems and vulnerabilities. This component starts automatically immediately after the first application start.

About Dr. Web

Doctor Web – a Russian developer of Dr.Web anti-virus software. We develop our products since 1992. The company – a key player in the Russian market programs that provide the most important for any enterprise information security function.

Doctor Web – one of the few publishers of antivirus programs that have their own technology to identify and remove malicious programs. Our antivirus system provides protection of information systems of our customers from all threats – even unknown. Doctor Web was the first company that offered anti-virus as a service – and is still the undisputed leader in the Russian market of Internet security services for service providers. Doctor Web – the recipient of State certificates and awards our satisfied customers around the world – a clear indicator of the high quality of the products developed by the talented Russian programmers. Doctor Web has its own anti-virus laboratory. Many more effective technologies are an important extension of the standard Dr.Web technologies that are used to detect and remove unknown malware. Together, these programs allow you to detect the latest (and unknown) threats that are not registered in the virus database. More information about Doctor Web, please visit www.drweb.com .

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