Hawk IT Guardian Mail Archive

Email SearchWe know how vital e-mail is for a modern business. It can be a serious disaster when mailboxes crash. All records of communication with clients can disappear in an instant. Even if your system is still online, management of your archives can be a difficult and laborious process. With Hawk IT Guardian Mail Archival we provide an affordable solution to completely manage all of your mail needs. Our service offers many benefits:

  •  All e-mail communications going in and out of the business are copied and saved.
  • Option to record all internal mail
  • Full search functionality for quick retrieval
  • All e-mail is stored in a fully secure environment
  • Offers a backup e-mail system that can queue your mail for sending if your host is offline
  • Employees cannot delete mail from the archive.
  • World-class spam and antivirus software running on our servers ensures that your servers remain clean and secure.
  • Per mailbox, per month billing system means you only pay for what you need!
  • Prices start as low as $6 per mailbox, per month!
  • Intuitive control panel available for administration

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