Multi-Site LAN and Teleworking Solutions

business man hand writing virtual private network conceptWe are a Kerio Control Authorised Partner. Our service is ideal for areas with slower broadband. By giving you the option to manage and prioritise bandwidth for certain tasks it ensures your productivity doesn’t suffer due to infrastructure limitations.

It also provides full usage reporting for all your employees’ activity on the Internet. This can help you decide on traffic shaping priorities for maximum productivity. Also encompassing a smart filtering system that allows the blocking of time wasting or resource heavy websites.

We are also an Egnyte File Sharing Systems partner. This enables all of your files to be synchronised automatically between locations, partners and any other relevant parties.

Hawk IT enables your company to enjoy flexibility and freedom that traditional services are unable to provide.

  • All your staff can be connected and up to date wherever they arekerio_partner
  • File sharing is instant regardless of location boosting productivity

As more companies realise the benefits of allowing employees to work from home, we can help you  to deliver their telephone and work networks seamlessly to employees’ homes.

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