Is your network ready for Voice Over IP?

angry woman with phoneVoice Over IP is not a new technology but it is a technology that is constantly being improved upon.  The stone age of business phone systems is coming to an end with more options available for cloud PBX solutions.  The question you need to ask yourself before moving to one of these systems is are you ready?

Voice over IP traffic is delicate.  It needs a certain amount of nurturing and loving to really make it work for you.  The biggest factor when running VoIP traffic on your network is bandwidth.  There are several options for providing the necessary connectivity for a solid VoIP experience. (more…)

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The Wait is Over, Introducing Apple’s iPhone 6 +

iphone6-silver-400_1 (1)Planned leaks, Apple teasers, and tech expert speculation has successfully caused a ravenous hype for the anxiously awaited release of Apple’s flagship phone. In fact, Apple’s site was inundated with 4 million pre-orders for the iPhone 6 +  in just 24 hours causing the site to literally crash.

iPhone 6 + Highlights

The latest version of the iPhone promises some seriously high tech upgrades and sports the slimmest construction of the phone to date, sporting a total thickness of 69mm. One of the most revolutionary features is the built in Apple Pay feature, which allows users to access and store credit card, debit card, and gift card information. This latest mobile wallet is packed with power, allowing customers to not only pay with their phone but also offering them discounts for using the feature at participating stores. While not available in Australia at launch, but I’m sure it won’t take Australian banks long to catch up to the new tech.


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Should You Use Two-Step Authentication in Your Company?

Secure cloudCloud computing has been back in the news of late after Apple’s iCloud hacking incident. But there’s also been far too many misconceptions about the cloud since it occurred, especially in the security aspects. In truth, the cloud is much more secure than other data storage options out there. That’s especially true if you use online cloud data storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox where security is far from guaranteed.

When you have a managed cloud service, it’s becomes even more secure since issues can be caught in the act. This comes through quality IT management services, something we offer here at Hawk IT Services. No matter what cloud storage service you use, we can help you make sure that it is secure and working to its full potential.

Part of this can involve plans on your own part with your employees to help keep a generally safer environment in protecting data. One of those is the two-step authentication process that’s now being analysed a lot more after Apple’s iCloud incident. Some companies and services offer this sign-in process. Is it something you should enact with your computer systems, plus making sure all your employees create better passwords? (more…)

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Voice Over IP Continues Evolving with VoLTE

voip_homeVoice Over IP (VoIP) is a technology that is already saving a lot of money for companies across the nation. By not having to invest in an expensive PBX setup, businesses can increase or decrease their phone system to fit their individual need. Scaling per employee also helps establish individual employee company cost, which can help determine growth potential. VoIP also has a great variety of features that surpass many traditional systems. The increasing pressure to keep up with the VoIP trend has pushed major phone carriers to re-think their futures.


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